Blending the Best of In-House Contract and Staffing Agency Search Models

Seasoned HR leaders recognize the value of working with contract recruiters to strategically manage spikes in hiring.  But what about the times when your in-house recruiting team is maxed out and just one or two more reqs open up?  The “straw that broke the camels back” so to speak – your team can handle it, but not without dropping something else and you don’t have time (or enough work) to justify going out and looking for another contract recruiter.

Traditionally that would be the time to tap external contingency or retained search firms for assistance.  But they are expensive, and managing those firms can be almost as time consuming as handling the search internally.

What if you had an ongoing relationship with a flexible recruiting partner, who understood your business, integrated with your team, and could be called upon to seamlessly take on select jobs as needed… saving your team’s time… at half the cost of contingency search firm?

Better yet, what if this recruiting partner did more than just send you resumes and call you numerous times for feedback like a contingency search firm?  Instead this flexible resource actually took the work off of your plate, from kickoff meeting, status updates, scheduling, you name it – giving you and your hiring managers the face time, open communication and attention to feel confident that their position is in good hands.

Save your time, save your budget, save your sanity… call Agency Cooperative.