When to call Agency Cooperative

THE SITUATION.  Your in house recruiting team can get it done with the best of them.  There is no problem there.  The problem is simply bandwidth.  When the TA team are all carrying a full req load and WHAM – a super hard to fill position opens up, which recruiter on your team do you give it to?  Any of them can fill it… if they just had the time…but realistically this req is going to take serious dedicated focus, 15 hours each week to do it right… and how can they drop anything they are already working on to do that?  

STAFFING AGENCIES?   You can call it out to a few staffing agencies and one of two things will happen. They will promise you the world but then a week or two will go by without receiving a single resume worth a penny ( At which point your hiring manager is in an uproar, their team is overworked handling the workload of this unfilled position and you are still at square one trying to figure out what to try next)


The resumes will start coming in (better) but someone on your team will still need to screen the candidates, field non stop calls from the agency reps for feedback, updates and scheduling screens… as well as STILL handling the internal elements of the search with the hiring manager and interview team…taking hours and defeating the purpose of calling it out in the first place!  Say after this painful experience the position DOES get filled – paying 30,000 dollar fees to fill a single position is crushing to your budget.  Especially when you still had to manage the time consuming process –  phone screens, scheduling, communicating with hiring managers, providing status updates – the staffing agency was just sending you the resume… about half of the work… so what are you paying 30 grand for?  

Save your time, save your budget, save your sanity… call Agency Cooperative.